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Projekty s podporou EU

Vážení obchodní přátelé,

Rádi bychom Vás informovali, že naše společnost realizovala důležitý projekt  výměny strojního vybavení, který byl spolufinancován Evropskou unií.

Podrobnosti projektu:


registrační číslo projektu: CZ.01.3.10/0.0/0.0/18 183/0017288



Pořízení a implementace komplexního podnikového informačního systému.

Projekt EU


The company GALVAN CZ s.r.o. performs surface treatment by wet low-pressure manual painting of metal materials.

The surface for painting is prepared by blasting or phosphating. Polymerization chamber furnaces are part of the painting technology.

Painting takes place in painting boxes measuring 6 x 4 x 3.5 m. The company GALVAN CZ s.r.o. specializes in the following types of protective coatings:

Xylan® from PPG Whitford – painting with technical plastics XYLAN PTFE.

MOS2 – sliding coatings based on molybdenum sulfate. We use Ever-Slik® by Everlube® Products Curtiss Wright.

Intertherm 3070 Epoxy Protective Coatings – Two component phenolic epoxy, designed specifically for the subsea market. Novolac with excellent resistance to high temperatures and compatibility with cathodic protection.

We also use PPG’s PHENGUARD™ 780, which is a two-component, high strength, amine adduct cured novolac phenolic epoxy primer.

The painting process is inspected by FROSIO LVL III, so our services are of the highest quality.

Technical coatings are widely used in the automotive, chemical, food, mining, plastic or paper industries.

The main advantages of technical coatings:

corrosion resistance,
abrasion resistance,
Improvement of mechanical properties,
Resistance to high temperatures,
Chemical resistance,
Extending the life of parts.

Examples of specifications used:

X-004022 (Everslik 1201/1301)
C81000 (Red XYLAN)
C81001 (XYLAN Green)
C81005 (yellow XYLAN)
C81006 (Orange XYLAN)
C81007/C81015 (Black XYLAN)
C80400 (Phosphating)
Everslik (Black / Grey)
Epoxy paints (color according to customer requirements).

Surface roughness measurement

Dear customers,

We would like to inform you about the purchase of the MarSurt PS 10 device for measuring surface roughness from the manufacturer INSIZE.

The device enables the measurement of roughness in accordance with the ISO 8503-4 standard.

The standard output of the measurement is the Ra, Rz values as well as the graph curves.

For more information, contact us at

Friction measurement

Dear customers,

We would like to inform you about the purchase of a device for measuring the coefficient of friction according to the ISO 16047 standard from the manufacturer TesT GmbH.

The device enables friction measurement on M6 to M24 size screws.

The standard measurement output is a certificate including the measurement results and the graph curve.

For more information, please contact us at  



FROSIO Inspection

Dear customers,

In January 2023, we received FROSIO’s highest certification at LEVEL III according to the Norwegian standard NS 476.

Now, thanks to FROSIO’s in-house inspector, we offer our customers services at a higher technical level in the field of wet painting.

Simultaneously with the FROSIO inspection, we perform coatings according to the specifications: NORSOK M-501, X-004022, C81000, C81001, C81005, C81006, C81007, C81015, C80400, Xylan, Everslik, Epoxid.

For more information, contact us at



Production continues

In this difficult situation we continue the production without restrictions!

Galvanic plating in barrel operates on 4 shifts.

Galvanic plating on rack and phosphating works on 3 shifts.

We look forward to our cooperation and wish you a good health!