We provide galvanization in weakly acidic and alkaline electrolyte. These electrolytes are in these days most popular technologies of galvanizing. They provides a high gloss surface with a thin and ductile layer.

GALVAN CZ s.r.o. performs galvanizing without passivation or with blue, thick-film or yellow passivation. All passivations are CrVI-free and are based on CrIII solutions. For all types of finishes we offer different kinds of sealings and top-coats.

Zinc plating is performed on a computer-controlled automatic lines with traceability of all parameters of the plating process.


Maximum dimensions of parts up to: 1800 mm x 300 mm x 1050 mm


Barrel plating maximum capacity is 80 kg per one barrel.

Maximum dimensions of parts up to 150 mm and a weight of 0.3 kg

Coating thickness

Standard thickness of zinc coating is 8-15 µm. We adjust thickness according to customer requirements, but only up to 35 µm.

Suitable materials

Iron, steel and cast iron products are suitable for galvanizing. The quality of the input material fundamentally affect the appearance of plated parts.

Zinc coating passivations

In order to improve the corrosion resistance the zinc layer is passivated with one of the Cr3+ passivations.

Thin-layer passivation Cr3+: (blue) 0.08-0.1 µm on zinc layer. It is used for parts that are less exposed to corrosion.

Thick-layer passivation Cr3+: (slightly iridescent appearance) 0.2-0.3 µm on zinc layer. Higher corrosion resistance comparable to yellow chromate. The advantage is that it doesn’t contain Cr6+, but it doesn’t have the self-repairable effect in case of passivation is eroded. It is used as a substitute for yellow chromate.

Yellow chromate Cr3+: (yellow, rainbow like appearance) 0.2-0.5 µm on the zinc layer. Higher corrosion resistance.

The organic sealing

To improve the corrosion resistance, varnishing can be used as a next step of surface treatment. The varnish is applied in a 2-4 µm layer. If this varnish is applied on thin- or thick-layer passivation, after dry out, it creates a transparent organic film. This film increases not only the corrosion protection, but also abrasion resistance. On yellow chromated varnish coatings it suppresses iridescent appearance and gains uniform yellowish hue.

For surface treatment we use chemicals from suppliers Schlötter, Atotech, Coventya and Metallchemie.


Requirements for surface treatment are set out in the relevant ISO-DIN standards. GALVAN CZ s.r.o. performs metal surfacing according to global standards for automotive engineering or according to customer specifications.


The price depends on used technology, area of processed parts,  weight of one part, annual quantity and total volume of orders. For more information contact us at obchod@galvan.cz